Festival of Inquiry

23 November - 27 November

Tuesday 24 November

Art – The Great Fire of London. Can you recreate a piece of art using clothing? Yes you can!

PE – Gymnastics. Take a look at some of the things we get up to in gymnastics.

Science – Shark Attacks. We promise there are no real sharks – but there is water and there might be food dye. How does this link with diffusion? Join us to find out.


Wednesday 25 November

Art – Communication/Hands in Art. An exploration of how communication has changed.

Music – Symbols and Sounds. Join us to explore relationships between symbols and sounds.

Science – Bubble Investigation. Can you investigate and decide on the best mixture for making amazing bubbles?

Thursday 26 November

Music – Making Music with Household Items. Can you find sounds around your house?

Drama – Creating A Character. Use your imagination (and maybe some household items) to create a character.

Science – Acid or Alkaline? Create your own ph scale at home.

Friday 27 November

Science – Water is Weird. Join our Senior School Science department for an investigation into water.

Maths/Art – Investigating tessellations. Is it Maths or is it Art? Can it be both?


PE – Football, Hockey and Developing Skills. Have a go at developing your skills – our Junior School P.E. department guide you through some essential skills.

Closing Address – Kath Murdoch