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Head: Mr Will le Fleming


We would be delighted to welcome you into The Abbey and keep you up to date with our news and events.

We are currently offering individual tours on weekdays during term time, outside school hours, to provide the opportunity to explore facilities and gain an insight into School life. In addition, we continue to welcome calls and video meetings with our Executive Head Will le Fleming and any other staff that prospective families would like to meet.

To register your interest please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team at who would be more than happy to assist you, or complete the form below.


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Previous Virtual Events

Hosted by Sue Nassau-Lake, Head of Admissions at The Abbey, our live webinars provided families with an opportunity to hear from the Head – Mr Will le Fleming, Senior School staff, and students.

Senior Insight Summer 2022

Senior and Sixth Form Virtual Insight - Part 1

Senior and Sixth Form Virtual Insight - Part 2

Autumn Term 2021

4 May 2021

16 March 2021

21 October 2020

14 October 2020


Below are some of the questions we received both before and during the live webinar sessions but we were unable to answer due to time constraints. 

How many applicants do you normally have for Year 7, Year 9 and Sixth Form?

We have approximately 150-200 external applicants for Year 7 and up to 25 external applicants for Year 9 and Sixth Form.

How many students do you take for the entries into Year 7, Year 9 and Sixth Form?

We take approximately 50-60 external applicants into Year 7, 10-15 external applicants into Year 9 and 5-15 external applicants into Sixth Form.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, will The Abbey have any contingency plan for the possible joining of the coming entrance exam remotely in lieu of visiting the school?

Contingency plans are in place across the school and will be implemented as necessary with parents being updated if and when these become relevant.

How many scholarships will you be offering in September 2021?

The amount of scholarship places offered depends upon the cohort in question – there are no set number of scholarships awarded.

Is it possible to award multiple scholarships under both the Academic and Specialist category?

Students may be awarded an Academic and a Specialist Scholarship although it is unusual for students to be awarded two Specialist Scholarships.

What is the drop out rate in the first three years?

This is nominal and dependent upon individual circumstances.

What are the academic areas of specialisation for the school?

We consider our school provides an all-encompassing educational offering.

What are the range of foreign languages on offer?

French, German and Spanish in the Senior School. We also offer Italian in the Sixth Form.

Are the music lessons during daytime lessons or after school?

Music lessons take place during the day although there is a rota so that students do not keep missing the same lesson.

Please provide more information about the competitions/external academic events that the school participates in, like science quiz, public speaking etc.

Where appropriate, our staff make arrangements for students to be involved in many competitions/external academic events, for example, Maths and public speaking competitions.

Please explain how you deal with over- and underperformers i.e. how to optimise potential of some pupils and help others who might struggle a little. We know that you have more resources than state schools but still cannot do wonders with limited one-to-one time for pupils and also with pupils having their strengths in different subjects. How do you deal with the varying talents to somehow make the most of the individual pupil?

Our experienced teachers provide support to all students as appropriate. We introduce setting as appropriate and have learning support and regular drop-in sessions for many subjects where extra help is needed. All students are celebrated and enrichment opportunities are available both within and beyond the curriculum.

Do you provide any support for students whose first language is not English?

Our experienced teachers provide support to all students as appropriate. In particular, we have support for students where their first language is not English. We have learning support and regular drop-in sessions for many subjects where extra help is needed.

Do children get enough help to choose subjects later on?

We provide support for each year group as they move up through the school to enable them to make informed choices where needed. For example, Year 8 choose a language after receiving a subject presentation and Year 9 receive guidance on GCSE subject choices as well as having access to a Morrisby Pre-Aptitudes programme, options talks and guidance from their subject teachers.

Looking ahead to GCSEs, when do the girls select their GCSE options and is there the possibility to take any earlier than the usual Year 10 start?

Students choose their GCSE options in Year 9 with RS being one of the only subjects generally taken early, although not in advance of Year 10.

What proportion of students go on to Sixth Form? And what proportion of those go on to university?

The great majority of our students go on to our Sixth Form and then on to a range of university courses. Other outcomes such as creative routes and high-level professional apprenticeships, for example in technology careers, are other possible outcomes.

What support and guidance do students get in relation to careers?

Students receive support from all staff, particularly from our Sixth Form team. Our principal careers service is our Abbey Aspire programme, with dedicated staff focused on all aspects of future opportunities for students.

Are there established links with industry in relation to developing passions and interests for women in non traditional sectors?

We have a number of links with industry via alumnae in particular as part of our Abbey Aspire programme.

Are the students assessed regularly and how is the feedback shared with the parents?

Students are assessed regularly and feedback is given via form tutors, subject teachers and by way of reports via our school portal. We view reporting to home as a continuous conversation. Parents’ Evenings, self-reflection reports and academic reports are fixed points in that dialogue but it continues year-round.

If students choose to stay back for the homework club, do they get any assistance during that time?

There are staff who supervise the homework club and provide support where needed although there is no specific one-to-one assistance.

How extensive are the House activities?

We offer a range of House activities including netball, House chef, public speaking, rounders, chess, music and drama, sports day, swimming gala, general knowledge quiz, hockey, art and gardening.

How is bad behaviour managed?

The Abbey is a community with a strong sense of mutual respect and negative behaviour is rare. Where there are instances of bad behaviour, our approach would always be individual and tailored to supporting students to meet expectations; it would be led by form tutors/Heads of Year/pastoral team/Chaplain (Deputy Head)/Head. This would generally involve talking to the pupil, a phone call home and a meeting with parents.

How do you deal with any bullying issues that may arise?

Bullying is not a common occurrence and we have a strong pastoral team who provide support for students with any concerns or issues they are experiencing. In addition, we have sessions dedicated to bullying, friendships, social media and kindness during our Skills for Life sessions which form part of our curriculum.

Are headscarves allowed for Muslim girls and can they wear trousers instead of skirts?

Students are allowed to wear headscarves and trousers can be worn instead of skirts.

Is there any fee discount for daughters of old girls?

There is no fee discount for daughters of alumnae.

If the students have to commute by train, is there a group that my child can join?

We have a number of students who commute by train and walk together from the station to school.

Do you have any links with other boys schools?

We have no specific links with other boys schools though we maintain close relationships, including regularly reviewing aspects of joint provision, with a range of schools.

Can you please elaborate on any changes in approach from The Abbey Junior School to The Abbey Senior School (or similarities for that matter!).

There will always be a number of differences in approach between our Junior School and Senior School by virtue of the ages of the pupils in question. However, our ethos remains throughout the school.

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